L1 Books 1-6: COMPLETED!!!!

I just finished reading book 6 a few minutes ago. My goal was to finish all six books before the end of the year and I did it. Now I have three days of rest before I have to start the books all over again.

Welcome to the club friend. There’s still room for more. Come one everyone, start cranking away on your readings so that we can can help out one another in the coming months.

Wow, hats off to you guys, I wish I’d been that on the ball when I took L1, enjoy a few days off for the New Year.

I’m almost finished with Economics, but I’m going through the notes as well and am getting the feeling that I’m wasting time going through the curriculum. I mean the notes are breaking down the LOS and the curriculum has alot of useless filler, my opinion. I don’t know, if anything I’m probably just being lazy about reading through the texts. :stuck_out_tongue: Are you two planning on using the notes as well or staying strictly with the curriculum?

I plan to use only the curriculum and the analyst notes website to take practice tests until CFAI offers their practice tests at the end of March. I’ve heard so many conflicting things regarding Schweser that I can’t justify spending money on an additional program when CFAI says on their website, “the curriculum should be enough”. (Paraphrasing)

Will it be safe to study the LOS, rather than going through all the curriculum?

Everything that I studied in schweser was on the test and vice versa. In my opinion, people who give schweser a bad review probably didn’t study enough and feel as though blaming the notes is easier than blaming themselves. One must remember that the schweser material are “study notes” albeit, 1200 pages of them. Which means one must understand practically everything from the notes in order to do well. However, if you have no investment background, it may be more useful to read the CFAI curriculum because the “filler” will help you gain a better understanding if the concepts. It really depends on your own study methods.

Agreed with jalmy8, the notes could be enough to someone with a solid investment background, but given that you have the time to use the CFAI materials, I wouldn’t recommend deviating from those materials. CFAI develops a strong understanding of theory and I think you should stay focused on the CFAI material until you’ve had a chance to take one of their practice tests and see where you stand. And simply studying the LOS is not in my opinion, enough.

I am planning to use CFAI material to study FSA (it’s my weakest area since I had only introductory accounting class) and practice questions for all other topics. To study the material for other topics I will be using Stalla study guides. I find them more manageable than the CFAI curriculum.

krnyc2008 - just a word of advice. i have no financial background, and hence decided to read FSA section from CFAI text only. SS7 and SS8 have been explained very nicely but as soon I hit SS9, I couldn’t understand a thing. This is because they have used different books for SS7-8 and SS9-10. I picked up Schweser and it was smooth sailing once again. so i suggest, do SS7 and SS8 from CFAI, and SS9 and SS10 from other source - Schweser or Stalla.