L1 CFA previously completed CAIA / IMC

Hi there

I have just enrolled on the L1 exam. Cant wait to get stuck in!

I was hoping you guys wouldnt mind sharing some pearls of wisdom… I have previously completed both the CAIA and IMC reasonably comfortably. I know, of course, the CFA is a different beast altogether but my general strategy for all exams is the following:

*Go straight to the chapter questions that are usually at the end of each chapter (summary q’s?) and do my study by answering those questions by referring back to the chapter and taking notes specifically to understand that question. Im presuming the standard CFA materials do have these types of chapter summary questions at the end of each section ?

* Complete as many mocks exams/practice exams as possible - does the standard CFA material include any mocks?

I am really trying to avoid paying for extra materials by third party providers like kaplan etc. as i am funding it myself and just want to know if the standard CFA materials will suffice? Mocks and summary qu’s are most important for the way i attack exams so Im hoping these are included?

As i say i have already passed both the IMC and CAIA and have an economics degree so have a reasonable base of knowledge to work from over the next 3months…hope its not cutting it too fine for Dec 7th :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any advice you may share,