L1 in Dec 07 + L2 in Aug 08 are here...

Lucky me!

same with me:). it was really crazy 12 months studying for L1, waiting for results, studying for L2 and again waiting for results. now it’s time to fully relax till january 09.

Me too but I guess I will start studying for L3 very soon. I don’t like to cram unless I have to :slight_smile:

I don’t want to have to cram like that again, every aspect of my life suffered, but it was definitely worth it. Most take 3 years to get the designation and now we have the opportunity to get it in a little less than 2. Everyone called me crazy when I was getting up at 4 AM to study before work. I wish more people outside the finance industry understood how difficult this thing really is. At least we will have the proper amount of time to prepare for level 3.

I totally agree with K2.

We all managed the this narrow span of time very efficiently. Feels good to have 1 year for L3. Beat the beast slowly in pain…