L1 in the Queen City Anyone?

Fortunately or unfortunately, there probably won’t be 1800+ like in Chicago, NY, etc. sitting for L1 tomorrow in Charlotte, NC but maybe someone on here is besides me? There has to be at least one Wachovian or Bank of American. Anyway, I visited the location (which by the way is kind of in the ghetto). They said they turned the heat on this afternoon so hopefully it should be all warm for us. My girlfriend has planned a surprise dinner with my friends that I “don’t know about” and we’re going out uptown afterwards. Sadely, none of my friends really know/understand/grasp/fathom the pain and torture I have been going through for the last 5 months. If anyone is from charlotte and wants to meet up tomorrow night I’d love to trade war stories. Good luck to all! I was not a frequent poster but I did come by for the search function as well as some encouragement throughout the studying.

I will be at the Charlotte Merchandise Mart tomorrow. It is ghetto and all I remember about the place was a Home and Garden show that went on there. Can’t wait, I bet they will have real comfortable chairs and desks :wink: I don’t know about meeting up afterward, I live in Lake Wylie so I may just go home and sulk or party, either way it involves the same thing, liquor.

Merchandise Mart rocks my world. When I walk in there I always envision the Rocky scene where he’s working out in the cooler, hitting the hanging beef shanks. I’ll be heading to the UTC afterwards - its my b-day weekend as well :slight_smile: