L1&L2 together, finance undergrad?

I’m a recent graduate with BComm in finance from Totonto. Just passed my CFA L1 in June and about to start studying for FRM Nov Exam. I was just wondering is it better to write both the parts together as if I do write part 2 in Nov’14 (prseuming I pass part 1 this Nov), I would have forgotten much of the material from part1. Is it worth an attempt to write both parts in one day with CFA L1 and an undergrad in finance? Any comments would be much appreciated!!

I took FRM Level 1 in May 2013 followed by CFA Level 3 two weeks later and it was a pretty stressful few weeks.

Taking both exams on the same day is more a function of the time you can commit to studying and less so of what you’ve already taken or studied. A Finance undergrad and Level 1 material definitely help because you know a lot of the jargon but I would say there is only a 10%-15% overlap in material, if that.

If you can plan out your study plan now and commit to it, then it is definitely doable. However, no matter what you map out and how strictly you follow your timetable, it will be pretty stressufl revising eight books worth of material the week or two prior to the exam.

I personally don’t see immense benefits from taking both exams on the same day given that both Level 1 and Level 2 are offered twice in the same year but I understand and appreciate why people would prefer just to get it over with.

Best of luck for whatever you choose to do!

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I am late in answering this but still, I never advise people for going for both the exams together. You may be too good and may be you can crack both together. I am not judging you, its just in case if you dont clear level 1 by any chance, your level 2 will not be even evaluated. So, you will waste money and time both. So, if you concentrate on level 1 only, you have higher chance of clearing it as you have double time to devot to level 1

It heavily burdened whwn you go for the both patrs together, And here you need to study in deep and to do lot of practices. I suggest you to go for one group at once.