L1 Prep - Advice on classes!

I am re-taking the Level 1 in December after failing (shame) December 07. I didn’t know what I was getting into last time and did not prepare well (used 2005 schweser materials, bad time management). I want to prepare the best I possibly can this time and would like advice. I am getting the 2008 schweser materials. What I would like to know is if it is worth it/necessary for success to do courses as well. The Schweser premium solution offers an option of weekly online classes, video cds or a 3 day seminar. A friend of mine who has passed all 3 levels did the NYSSA prep courses every year. Any thoughts on which of these is most helpful and cost effective? Any of your thoughts or experiences would be helpful. Thanks!!!

I did classes and videos. I think videos are better information. But, the classes will force you to focus on the material as scheduled. Hope that helps.

Don’t take classes. Just use the books.

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