L1 Quick Start Guide

Was wondering if anyone could share some of their tips on how to get started?
What material would you study with? Do you know of any helpful youtube channels for example or anything else worth knowing?
I‘m planing on taking the September 2021 exam, but am kinda put off by the 900 page Coursebook. Any suggestions?

By way of background, I have no finance degree but work at a FoF in IR. I had a lot of catching up to do, beginning with the basics since I wasn’t well-versed. Bought the expensive Uppermark Suite and I wouldn’t recommend it – the source material from CAIA is easier to understand. It provides fuller explanations and introduces abstracts ways of thinking to you, whereas UM is focused more on sheer memorization of terms and formulas. On the other hand, the UM Qbank is absolutely worth it!

CAIA textbook + UM Qbank + {some YouTube vids on the tough stuff} + consistency = all you need

I’m taking L1 in two weeks and scoring in the low/mid 80s every day with this approach, feeling very confident.

thanks a lot for your message.
Tbh, this does also sound like the most cost effective way.
Good luck!

have u taken UM Qbank web or download ?? which is better?