L1 Retakers - Why did you not pass? Preparation or Comprehension?

Non-Virgin Dec '08 L1 takers - would you attribute the end result of your efforts to a lack or preparation or a issues iwth comprehension? Thank you for your feedback.

Definitely lack of repetition. If I was to go back, I would have rather missed 2,3 whole study sessions in order to have time to repeat the material properly.

I’d say that repetition has something to do with preparation … anyway there are so many things to remember (in details) that I forgot stuffs along the way; that means that I wasn’t sharp enough on everything this time I’ll be carefull to balance memorisation&comprehention and question practice. This is important as the real test is not as quant oriented as shweser’s questions. In May I was scoring in the high 65 but never above 70 (shweser or CFAI mock); result = band10 fail hope it helps. good luck

I stressed myself out almost the entire time I was studying (starting at the beginning of January), didn’t feel confident going in, was more worried about what I didn’t feel like I knew as opposed to focusing on the things that I did know.

Didn’t take ETHICS seriously. Make sure that you left no grey areas. Aim for above 70 in every section.

good stuff guys. hope you all pass in Dec, seriously. for the “repetition” part, i couldnt agree with you more. flash cards can help in this regard. again, i am going off personal experience and i do not intend to sound like i know it all. trust me, i dont. i just understand what you guys are going through

preparation. hey daj224, did your flashcards just answer every item in the LOS? or just things you felt like remembering? Please help me in this regard because i want to dominate on december.

'i bought schswer flash cards and liked em, altho i did not use all of them. i mostly used FSA and ethics cards. if you make or buy em, i would put all the formulas on them as wel as key concepts for example. one card was put call parity: B + C = put + stock another one might be: accelerated depn = lower net income make a good fix of quant stuff and conceptual stuff

Didn’t have enough time to take practice exams (only took 2) and go over my mistakes.