L1 Study Group Brisbane Australia?

Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone studying for the Dec Level one exam in Brisbane is interested in getting together for a study group? Cheers, Nicola

Hi Nicola, I am here in Brissy but I planed to enrol for CFAI in June09. At the moment I am studying for that too (I found that there are not much changes of study session outline between 2008 and 2009 except the study session 10…I guess) Would you like to come along for study group? Anne

Hi Anne, Yes that would be great. At the moment I am about half way through the economics textbook so I still have a lot to cover. Do you work in the city? Maybe we could meet up at the BCC library one night a week after work? Nicola

Hi Nicola, Sure we can catch up at BBC libarary. I live in Toowong, not far from the city. I work from Mon-Fri 8am-5pm at Griffith Uni, Nathan campus. But the way back home always drop off city, Im mostly free on weekend. I just started book2 study note 2008 Schwester. Generally, I don’t used much textbooks, only for reference sometime. Send me email: angunc@hotmail.com Cheers, Anne

How are you guys, I’m working in Brisbane city and preparing for lvl1 exam on december, if you guys are interested, drop me an email and we can meet up to form a little study group

by the way, my email is Robert.Chen@abr.com.au, shoot me an email anytime