L1 test format

I find myself have to ask this naive question: what exactly is the L1 test format?? CFAI website says "Each multiple choice question is free-standing (not dependent on other questions) and has three possible answers: A, B, and C. ". However, from all the 2010 text practice questions and sample questions that I have done, there is always only one possible answer (out of three choices). Can there be multiple answers to one problem in 2010 Dec exam? Many thanks in advance!

Notice the “possible answers” which may not all be “correct answers”

Logically that is correctly. Can be there more than one answer at all in the coming Dec L1 exam?

NO, there’s only one correct answer, has been like that for years and it is like that in dec too, didn’t you guys look at the sample questions on the website? anyway, just one correct answer, out of three