L2 2014->2015 curriculum changes


Reading 3. Soft Dollar standards is dropped Reading 10. Prudence in perspective is dropped Reading 15. Economic Growth is dropped Reading 22. The lessons we learn is dropped Reading 23. Evaluating Financial Reporting Quality is reworked, but essentially similar topics. New Reading 25. Corporate Performance, Governance and Business Ethics, -> d. compare the Friedman doctrine, Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, and Rights and Justice Theories as approaches to ethical decision making. (seriously) Reading 43. Investing in Hedge Funds: A survey is dropped Reading 46. Term structure and volatility of interest rates is renamed to The Arbitrage-Free valuation framework. Reading 48. Mortgage backed securities is dropped. Reading 50. Valuing MBS is dropped. Thats right folks 56 Readings. Compared to 2014’s 60.

All that work learning MBS for this years exam and it won’t even come in handy for next year

Damnnn, wonder why MBS has been dropped?

Unrelated but I really enjoyed Immanuel Kant’s theories in college. Made quite a bit of sense personally.

Did they leave the rest of the asset backed material?

Glad to see they dropped that silly “lessons we learned” nonsense. Guess they listened to my survey suggestions after all!

New Reading 25. Corporate Performance, Governance and Business Ethic

Btw, this seems to be imported from the 2013 L3 Reading 28. So not actually new material.

Should I be glad I waited 8 months to register after passing L1 in December 2013?

I wish I would have waited. I didn’t have as much time to study as I’d like to have had, and failed with a 10 band.

Be happy you got the experience under your belt versus waiting, it’ll make a big difference next year

Means you will pass next year. Let’s do it…

I hate economic growth.

Looks like its still there…there was a lot of overlap with the MBS topic so this makes sense

Yesterday I got access to L2 2015 CFAI Curriculum - they also change design inside. Looks very different. cool

Fewer L2 readings gives me even more motivation to try again and nail this thing next year!

Better I hope? I didn’t like the bookshelf format too much.

Too bad they kicked out the MBS stuff, that was actually useful for my current job.

vitalsource files are no longer scanned, so much smaller (10Mb/book rather than 200Mb). and obviously 1000x easier to read.

no excuses this time.

blush No more MBS ??? Why? Why? and why???

I would be extremely happy if they dropped all Economics readings broken heart

I have also noticed some changes in the topic weights (Ethics & Fixed Income)

Best of luck to all of you

No growth theory? that’s 10 hours saved lol. You guys are lucky.

This was so so so thoughtful of you. *Gracias*