L2 - 46% , Can L3 be 60%

L2 is good at 46%

I hope L3 is close to 60%

Those would be good news! What was the L2 MPS in 2013?

The MPS is not disclosed by CFAI. The average pass rate for level 2 over the last 50 years was 46%, the 10 year average was 43%. So I think the 2014 score is a pretty normal value and nothing to be too excited about.

Thank you. That’s what I meant (pass rate).

i wouldn’t be too happy if pass rate is high for L 1 and 2.

I agree as I think these are uncorrelated

High or Low pass rate doesn’t matter. What matters is are you among those who pass. Better fail in a low pass rate regime than fail in a high pass rate regime.


no point trying to analyze this to death. sit. and wait…

nah… better to pass than fail period.