L2 Constructed response questions in TestBank or Q-Bank

How are constructed response qustions handled in Uppermark TestBank or Schweser Q-Bank?

Are there any CR questions in practice software? If so, how are they scored? You need to have a way to practce them, just curious how they are set-up.

Schweser has 20 online essays you can do as well as an additional essays book. They provide sample answers and you grade them yourself. The only way is to just be hard on yourself.

Thank you!

Does one really need 2 hrs to answer 3 essay questions?

From what I understand the answers should be no more than 2-3 sentences, seems to me 15-20 mins per question is more than enough.

From memory, Uppermark provides the model answer plus a scoring guide for constructed response questions so that you can mark your own answer.

And yeah, two hours is definitely sufficient time. But bear in mind each question has multiple parts to it, not just one question.

During studying I took ~1 hour to answer, sometimes less. During the test, I took 1.5 hours because I read through my responses several times before submitting.

Some questions will only require 2-3 sentences but some will need detail. I think there were at least two questions (as in sub-parts) where I definitely felt I needed to provide a lot of detail so I did and I believe I ended up writing close to 2 paragraphs on those. Each question (1-3) will likely have 3 parts to it, so it’s almost like you’re looking at around 9 typed responses. The key is to answer the question directly with no fluffiness and provide support where needed.