L2 curriculum - heavy like a rock....

Didn’t get one for my Dec L1 but today I received the L2 curriculum in a box. It is so fully packed that it feels like a rock. Wonder whether I have time to read it or not… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got it yesterday and once again have a sure cure for a sleepless night… FSA book. Yup, lasted about ten minutes last night.

I got the Schweser study notes a couple days ago in a massive 21-lb box. I should hit the gym a few times before the FULL curriculum comes!

Six books of about 700 pages. No wonder people prefer reading study notes… :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like it is a waste of paper just so CFAI can make a few more bucks. Are they going to send us these books again if you retake???

ymc, that is a good point. Some people do have to retake this exam up to three times or more…what then…you will have three copies of the same books?? Fourth time round you can pile the entire books on top of each other and use it as a chair. It should help absorb the material better :slight_smile:

I opened up my schweser box like a kid on christmas last night wondering what surprises would be included in that 21 pounds and what did i find? One ridiculously small promotional hiliter… probably won’t even last till quant. They should include a couple tester bottles of jose cuervo; that would make cracking open the books that much more bearable. here’s to a solid 4 months.

CFA should give you the option to purchase these books on PDF for lets say $100 cheaper. I think selling this in PDF form would be more profitable for the CFA, even with the discount (considering cost savings printing, supplies, delivery, etc.). Also, this would be better for the candidate as the texts are mostly used as a reference anyway and the PDF would give the user the ability to CNTL F search terms. Of course they could still provide the option to purchase the books at the current rate.

I don’t know…I’ve tried reading notes online and to be honest, it’s just not the same as a book. Online books still haven’t made a breakthrough yet because people still prefer the hard copies. Granted, it would save a lot of paper and printing costs.

Just got mine today too… I think the shipping weight was 18 lbs? My Schweser notes were only 11 lbs. If I read them both, I’m going to tell people I read 29 lbs of notes :slight_smile: