L2 - Detailed Answers for Schweser Book 6 & 7 - Anyone??

The book only contains an answer key but no explanations to the questions … anyone has them???

Do you have access to the online portion of Schweser? On the website, I think they’re called practice exams volume 1 & 2 (on the left hand side of the screen), you have to put in your answers again though. Check the front of the book, there should be an explanation/letter telling you where to find the full answers.

I only have online access to the detailed answers for book 6. Any chance somebody could cut and paste and then email me the detailed answers for book 7? I know that is a pain in the behind.

i have the CD version of schweser pro qbank. i dont find the answers there … can anyone who has the solutions in a word / pdf format or any link … provide the same.