L2 Econ

Hello AF,

In my level 1 prep, economics was my weakest area. I couldn’t give more time to this topic. No problem in understanding the concepts though.

Given that, can I directly prepare for L2 econ or should I master L1 econ before reading L2 Econ.

If yes, would that be the same case with all topics?

I am sure we have our weakest areas, so do we revisit all of them before doing those topics in L2…

Thanks !

the short answer to your question is no you shouldn’t go back to level 1 topics once you start studying for level 2

Econ at L2 is different and much scoring.

Hence, standard materials should be good enough.

In general, the CFA curriculum at each level is self-contained: what you need to know at that level, they teach you at that level.

In a few areas there are optional background sections; if you think you’re a bit rusty, I encourage you to read those before diving into the main curriculum material.

Thank you all for the response!

Perhaps it would make sense to use the official curriculum only for econs.

During my level 1 exam, I thought it was the only topic Schweser did not prepare me well for

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