L2 Fail - Repurchase Schweser Notes

For those that failed and used Schweser Notes, is there a discount for purchasing them for the next year? Is it even worth it? The curriculum changes so little

I know that I ordered the Premium Plus package (which included everything for like $1300), and If I failed, then there is a 50% discount if I re-order next year… … Not that I need that though… :)… ACED IT

If you fail it, try something else. The material doesn’t change that much. No reason to spend 50% as you’re not getting a whole new package.

I used Schweser and failed Band 6. I don’t plan on spending another $360 for a couple new LOS (and lots of damn errata). Since I’ve seen the material front and back I plan on going from the CFAI texts only. Which sucks because they are long - but I’ve been told you fly through them the second time because you’ve already seen all the material. I probably will purcahse all the practice tests I can get my hands on though, including Schweser.

I used Schweser material only and failed Band 10. Won’t purchase its notes book again and will try Stalla and CFAI texts this time.

I think it makes sense to use 2010 notes and cover new LOS in the CFAI.