L2 Final Review

Hi there. I am beginning to review and am hoping for a bit of advice. As a L2 repeater, it is very important to me that I pass this year. Last year I used Stalla and got killed. So this year, I changed things up, got old school, and put pencil to pad. I outlined every single LOS in 2 full note books using Schweser study guides. I have only done concept checkers at the end of the SS, but I plan on completing all of the CFAI questions. In addition, I plan to finish Schweser book 6 and a few CFAI online exams. Is this enough? Of the many other products out there, are there any that you think are an absolute must? Is Secret Sauce worth it? What about Q-Bank? Seminars? CFAI Online exams? Schweser online exams? What got you through it? Many thanks in advance and good luck with L3. ~pdxanalytics

I used Stalla, did all their Questions, their Exam book, Schwesers Book 7, BSAS, and CFAI Online exams, all 5.

“Is this enough?” Like it or not, that depends on your abilities and experience. Take 100 people and have them study the exact same way, some will pass and some will fail. That said, your review method sounds very similar to how I passed last year. I also added QBank, although I didn’t really do any CFAI online exams. I have never used Secret Sauce, seminars, stalla, or much of anything else.

Revising the study sessions or Practicing questions? Which is the best strategy for level 2? Thank you.