L2 Harare Study Group

Is there anyone in Harare, Zim studying for L2 June 2010 exam?

ndeipi chafa, yes im here.

Sorry for the belated response. Have been so busy at work that I had completely forgotten about CFA. Ndiyaniko uyu/

ndeipi maface. me too there are other two guys from my workplace on level 2. for more details get in touch on neilnardia@gmail.com

Thanks Mandimika. Will get in touch.

Ndeipiko boyz? Inini ndiri kuTunisia vakomana but would really appreciate touching base with u ndichinzwa kuti vamwe muri papi from time to time. Also, it wud be nice to hook up like ndikauya kumusha then we share ideas on how to bring L2 down! email yangu dzimirip@gmail.com.

Zviri sei ikoko?Gud to hear from you mate. Lets touch base whenever we can. email yangu chafa.desire@gmail.com