L2 June

Ok. So im feeling mixed about L2 June. I really want to take it, but I’m not sure whether I have the time to appropriately prepare for the test. I do have other tasks I would like to complete before I go to biz school, but if I could realistically knock out L2 in June, I will do it. I have not started studying for L2 nor have I touched any CFA material since Dec. 6th. I do not plan on studying for L2 until after this coming weekend should I decide to because… Im going to Vegas for the GSP Penn fight… fat chance of getting any actual studying done there!!! Also, I would like to have one last hurrah in celebration of passing L1. Let me know what you think. Much appreciated.

the only reason i’d say put it off a year would be money (or some family/health circumstance also)- if you’re completely broke and this test’s costs are massive to you, then i could understand putting it off a year and making certain you’re going to kill it. other than that, why wouldn’t you go for it this year? even if you fail, you’ve started studying and seeing the test is a huge help for the next time. i’d suggest just blowing it out in vegas, have your fun, then come on back here, order books, and dive in head first. 4 months is enough if you put your mind to it.