L2 material more interesting than L1?

Will be starting to study in the next couple of weeks after taking a few weeks off since Dec L1 2016. For those who are already at it, do you find it more or less interesting compared to L1 material?

Definitely more interesting.

Woo! Pumped! @S2000 are you by chance doing the online live classes for Wiley L2? If you are, see you there!

I haven’t talked with them recently; I’ll check and get back to you.

I hope so.

I’d say it is more interesting because things that you have studied in level 1 become more relevant and they tend to come together and the overall picture becomes more clear and detailed.

I haven’t gone through the entire curriculum yet. Still working on that. However, so far, i feel like i am learning things more than just accumulating information like in level 1. Its just the nature of the material that makes it so I guess.

Agreed. Based on what I’ve gone through so far LII is much more engaging. The material has more direct relevance with what you’ll encounter in the workplace, which definitely makes it more interesting to study as you have some solid context to go with.

Awesome @studyguy18 and @BenjaminGraham, thank you, looking forward to starting in a couple of weeks.

Yes, after L2 you will be more capable to do valuation of various investment instruments, so your understanding is much more clear and useful.

Thank you, Harrogath!

Much more interesting and in-depth. That’s when you start to feel that you have done something that you can use in your job.