L2 Quicksheet Missing Formula

What would you say is the #1 formula / fact / etc that is missing from the L2 Schwesser Quicksheet ?

My experience is that the Quicksheet skips out on a couple of important formulae here and there. Always best to create and rely on your own formula sheet. This gives you the most control over making sure you are memorizing all the important ones.

Creating my own formula sheet from scratch in the hope that it might be better than a professionally-made one doesn’t seem like a good use of time.

Elan has a formula sheet for free. Check it out.

Here’s a concept that seems to be missing from Quicksheet:

CPR = annual mortgage prepayment rate SMM = single monthly mortality rate

SMM = 1 - (1-CPR)^1/12

100 PSA benchmark: CPR = 0.2% for the first month, increasing by 0.2% per month to 6% for month 30

Could you give us the link?

I could not find those either. Please post.

On http://www.elansguides.com

  1. Login or create an account.

  2. Go to Dashboard.

  3. Go to My Products.

  4. Go to Extras.

  5. Go to Formula Sheets.

  6. Click ‘Free Trial’.

Oh thanks KewZee! Without these steps i really couldn’t have found it.

Elam formula sheet is very comprehensive but is oddly missing some important formulas. Economics does not contain any of the foreign currency related formulas.