L2 Registration w/o bachelor's degree.

I’ve just passed L1 exam last dec. 2007. And I would like to take the L2 exam in this June 2008. I have almost finished my coursework in my univ. (majored in business administration/economics), but in the middle of studying I’ve started to work at finance related field for now 2 years in a break of my study. In this case, only because I don’t have record for bachelor’s degree, can’t I take the L2 exam? I studied 5 years at univ. as a finance student, and working now in finance industry for 2 years, without graduate certification. Can’t I proceed to L2 exam as a “bachelor equivalent degree/experience holder”? Any tips are welcoming.

why don’t you call them?

Hi Gun, If you email them at cmservices@cfainstitute.org and ask them to review your work details, and make it clear to them that it was full-time work, they’ll probably allow you to sign up. I did that and I haven’t graduated yet, but alerted them to the fact that I worked 8 months fulltime (not even in finance) and they allowed me to register. Hurry up though, the books are massive! But then again, if you’re not on your way to getting the degree, I can’t guarantee anything. Worth a try.

Thank you bobbylei, I sent inquiry email, but couldn’t wait their answer over the weekend. I can’t believe how slow their process is. You know, I am kind of late for preparation, but I need to get sured asap that I can take the exam. hmm thanks for your comment I may have chance to take exam this year. I don’t want to start over after one or two years of recess from cfa preparation.

There’s one more course which takes a semster to finish my bachelor’s degree. I can take it anytime, but I planned myself to finish it in spring 2009, as of my work schedules. So I will graduate in Jun 2009. But 95% of requirement for my graduation is already fulfilled. Is my expected graduation date too late to qualified to proceed L2 exam? Or is it just okay, since I have 2 years professional expierience?

Sorry, only CFA Institute can answer that for you… you can also try calling them tomorrow if they still don’t reply. For now, just make sure your employment info on the website is detailed and up to date, and describes the fact that it was full-time. That way when they agree to review it, it will be ready.

I called CFA institute now, but the guy over the phone only replys that I cannot proceed the L2 without graduation. I explained all my situation that I have professional experience and I am in the final year of my study. But the guy doesn’t seem to listen and only reply me that I cannot proceed to L2. bobbylei, please let me know how did you tell cfa institute? via email or via call? I don’t know what I did wrong and what I should do. I am in panic now. :frowning:

Hmm I guess the guy named “randy” is quite silly to answer me like above. I called again to confirm if I really cannot proceed, but this time a lady answered me that I can proceed if I have more than 4 years of qualified period of work+education experiences. But I still need to be qualified by CFA institute whice takes one or two weeks. And the price for registration will be raised in less than two weeks time.

Good luck, man. I tried 4 different emails to them before I got the answer I wanted… I think it’s dicey so cross your fingers… or just finish that damn class, a bachelor’s degree will help you more than you know. More than the cfa probably.