L2 repeaters ... is this true about CFAI prac exams?

I heard that some of the questions on the CFAI practice exams (or very similar variants thereof) were used on the actual exam last year - can anyone confirm or deny?

i say absolutely not - took all the practices last year

AH, didn’t think so, but wanted to ask just in case… wishful thinking I suppose…

Negative. The questions on the practice exams were jokes and not helpful at all I thought. Way too easy and not nearly involved enough.

OMG, I hope you are joking. I just took one of the practice exams and it was frickin hard.

Are the CFA practice exams even worth it?

Well what I mean by that is from my experience with them last year, they were not…“helpful” in gaging the actual exam. I found them to just be more practice questions that werent very much different from anything you could get from Schweser or Stall or whatever, with the exception that they were superiorly well written.

Not last year, but the year before I heard many people say that 1 of the practice questions made it on the exam. I disagree with caspian, they are worth the money…although none made it on word for word, there were some concepts that were on the practice that were on the actual (of course that goes for Schweser/Stalla practice ones as well).

I dont mean to suggest that one shouldnt take the practice exam because, as I said, the WORDING is similar to the exam and in that respect, its light years more helpful than any other provider. The test is…you’re sitting there and everything you’ve worked months for is right in front of your face. Five months of studying, test given only once per year…a lot of one’s ability to pass the test comes from dealing with those feelings (obviously the questions and you answering them is more important). No practice exam will replicate that, which is what I was trying to say.

Perhaps taking a double dose of a laxative would help simulate game day?

One can only hope.