L2 Repeaters... Which mock/ practice exam if I only take 1?

My studying has been seriously impinged on this year by a number of factors, so I’m definitely not where I want to be. That said, I also generally don’t rely too heavily on sample exams to tell me what I need to refresh – I already know what I’m weak on and review it repeatedly using Q bank and the Schweser notes. I also figure that practice / mock exams are themselves just a selected portion of the material and not necessarily the exact material I’m going to be asked. All that said, I’m guessing I will have time for one or (at most) two three hour practice exams before Saturday morning. I’ve already done most of the 2006 CFA exam in the Schweser book (those problem sets are in the CFAI material and I did most of them along the way). So which mock / practice exam should I concentrate on given the limited amount of time I have left?

Mate try the CFAI mock 1. Most ppl didn’t score too well in this, (average scores posted on this board have been in the 60’s). This wont be a confidence booster but it should give you a feel for what to expect on the day. Good luck

It is 50 / 50. I did much better on # 2, but probably a function of the material that I am better at happened to be on # 2. Good luck, either way.

Plyon, agree with goes to eleven, the two tests are radically different in terms of what they cover, there really is no overlap but like everyone else I did better on #2 so it’s more of a confidence booster than #1.

I am not sure whether you can purchase and take only mock 2 though??

yes you can

there’s a post going around saying mock 2 is directly from last year’s test. so i have to think that is a good indicator for the actual difficulty for the test. i already took mock 1 and thought it was good too. i’m not a repeater so discount this as appropriate.