L2 retakers, changes in curriculum?

Hey, last time I was in band-8, totaly demoralized, trying to restart studying. Can anybody list the changes in curriculum? Should I buy schweser notes this year? Although tons of frustrations, grievences, fact findings, realizations had been flooded last August. Do you have any sweet words for me?

I was in band 10. It is so frustrating. Not many things have changed this year but it is good to buy new notes.

cfaboston - you are going to ‘crush’ it this year . . . when did you start studying for L2 last year when do you think you are going to crank it up and start studying hard again this year? - Phil

I started in Feb (L1 result came in late Jan and it took a week for schweser material to come). I want to pass this year. I am starting this week for sure. I am Mr. Procrastination.

I was band 8 last year also last year. This time, failure is not an option. It looks like a lot of the heavy lifting is repeat material, and so far I’ve been pretty happy with the amount of information I’ve retained. I’m using the CFAI textbooks for now - still not sure about buying the new Schweser notes. I think if you start now and work steadily until June you’ll be fine on exam day.

I was band 9 - to come so close was hard to accept… Nightowl - how are you finding the CFAI books? I’m sticking to them this year; CFAI study material for CFAI exam. The material is obviously more volumous, but I’m finding the end of chapter questions terrific in aiding my revision. I’m determined to ace level 2 come June.


I was in band 10, demoralized… Plan to start studying next Monday night and not looling forward to it. Its pretty depressing now that I am thinking about it. Hopefully us retakers remember a good portion of the curriculum and move swiftly through the material.

I’m also re-taking this year, band 8 for me! Think about it. There was some stuff that came out of left field last year, the rest we probably knew pretty solid. We’ll be good again on the stuff we knew and hopefully this year better prepared so that nothing comes out of left field! Did the quant, hated it, now doing PM. I don’t have time to do schweser and CFAI books. Any rec’s on which sections the CFAI books were really good (ie worth it)?

Kakane: So far I’ve read most of Equity and Corp Fi in the CFAI books. They’re pretty dry, but not terrible. I’ve been hitting them with a highlighter and taking notes while reading, which means it takes longer than I’d expect to get through them, but at least I know I’m paying attention. Last year I just used Schweser, and I think it wasn’t quite enough for me, especially for the more text-based readings (as opposed to the calculation-heavy stuff.)

I studied till two weeks before the exam in June 08, but had to abandon the actual test taking due to a family emergency. For 2009, I started in November and everything seems to be coming back, I have finished Ethics, Eco, Corp Fin and will be going through first revision and CFAI+Scweser Qbank all this week. I want to pass it in 09 and come any emergency, I am not budging. Good luck to you all- let’s give one big push to get this one out so that we will be preparing for L-III by this time next year :slight_smile:

What I learnt from last year is that other than focusing on weight sessions like FSA, equity, You also got to know the whole picture. I did very poor in economics and portfolio

What is Band 8 & Band 10? I am going to start studying this week (hopefully) - starting with Quant…

I have been using the CFAI books as well. I’m just about finished with equity. I’m happy I’ve retained quite a bit, but what I realize from studying again is that just knowing definitions and have a general idea how things work isn’t good enough. You have to know how to solve the kinds of problems they throw at you and know the little tricks. What I’m planning on doing is after I get through all the CFAI books I’ll spend more time doing problems and less time rereading sections.