L2 - Schweser vs. Stalla Video CDs?

Now that enough time has elapsed since passing L1, I’ve decided to start a bit earlier on L2 rather than the torturous cramming I subjected myself to the first go-round. I’m planning on purchasing the Video CD’s from Schweser or Stalla. I used Schweser’s self study Video lectures for L1 including their books/tests. I felt pretty prepared, but I hear the L2 is a whole different animal in terms of the preparation required. In talking to a few candidates at a CFA lecture, the consensus is that the Stalla Video’s are superior, but Schweser’s books are better. Is this still the case since the June exams? Of course i have the CFAI material here, but I’d prefer something a bit more succinct, and lighter to carry back and forth to the library. What would you recommend? Stalla? Schweser? Adderall? Also, are the classes offered in NYC any good? I’ll be “footing the bill”, so another concern is whether they are cost effective. What do you guys think?