L2 Seattle

Hi all, I am studying for L2 in Seattle. It’s my third attempt and I am determined to put the time in. It would be awesome to have someone else to connect with once a week. -Daniel danielDOTmutchATgmailDOTcom

Hey Daniel, When is your test? I am an actuarial analyst on a mission to establish a study/social network for candidates taking professional designation exams (actuarial, CFA, etc.) in the Seattle area. The vision is for a dynamic cross-company, cross-industry study community where students will be able to easily connect with one another, find study groups, motivate and support each other, and organize post-exam celebrations. Through connection and camaraderie, we can keep our test scores high and our spirits higher! The group (“Exam KABLAM!”) will be hosting a networking event on Thursday August 4th and I would really like to see some CFA candidates there as well as the actuarial students I have found so far. You would certainly be able to find a study partner to meet at the library, if not someone taking your same exam. Feel free to shoot me an email if you would lie details, or if you know of anyone else who might be interested. Thanks and good luck! -Kimi Kimberlily307@gmail.com