L2 suggestions, especially McLeod81

I am in a panic mode - non finance background and can’t handle FSA. Giving 4 hours daily from last two days to FSA. Daily devoting 10 hours in total, 4 FSA, 3 Equities, 3 Others. Still feel that I wont make it as I dont able to solve problems. Do you think, my preparation style is appropriate. What should i do to pass it - very desperate. You guys give your valuable suggestion. - I am an average student.

Become an above average student.

If at all there is a choice between either revising and leaving some syllabus OR not revising and completing syllabus, go for the former.

make absolutely sure you can nail the absolute basics of pensions, translation, compensation. but i don’t anyone would have got non-multiple choice correct if they’d asked about deep subjects in translation/pension/compensation (maybe some of it, but not all of it) no guarantee it’ll be the same, but the Q’s on tougher subjects tend to be very basic.