L2-Washington D.C

Hi, I live in DC, near dupont circle. I am taking the L2 in June 2011. Is anyone interested in starting a nightly and weekend study group? -rasec email: A D E L C A S T I L L O 2 4 @ G M A I L (DOT) COM

I replied to your post via email. Let me know if you are still looking for a study group?

Will do.

Any DC people looking to start with level 2? email me at the email A D E L C A S T I L L O 2 4 @ G M A I L (DOT) COM. LET’s GET STARTED!!!

Lets get it started in here!!

Let’s study in DC. This way we can share study notes, videos etc…

Looking to join an active study group in the DC area. Is this group started, How often do you meet?