L3 calc lite?

Was perusing the LOS for L3 and it seems that it’s very qualitative instead of quantitative. Personally, the material looks very interesting to me and a little more applicable than many of the other things in L1 and L2. Is this a correct assessment, as far as the qualitative vs. quantitative. I hope so because I find the qualitative stuff much easier than straight out formula memorization. Take portfolio management, I would much rather explain how to put together a portfolio of 15 different equities and their hedging strategies than spend 5 minutes calculating a two instrument variance, covariance and weights, which a piece of software does for you anyways. Also nice that I have already read all the behavioral finance readings. I think they’re all in one big volume on the topic I have.

Sebrock, you seriously studying already? C’mon dude…no need kiddo, you’re gonna go nuts.

yes, alot less, but i wouldn’t say a small amount though…and one thing i found is that the formulaic stuff is scattered all over with many similar, but slightly different, sections. very hard to pin down compounding, day counts etc.

No, I was just curious (possibly may or may not be stoned) and decided to look at the LOS. I wont start studying until tomorrow :slight_smile: I kid, I kid. October.

But is there anything heavy like portfolio variance or swaps, forwards, options, anything that a computer can do?

The material is lite on calcs but I found the exam to have quite alot of quant question relative to the material. Basically they ask most of the calcs. If you do the schweser practise exams you should know any calc that comes up on these as there is a hight probablilty it will come up in the exam.

yeah, i agree with last poster… calculations are massively over-represented on the exam… but i did spend the entire last two weeks of studying on institutional investment categories (banks, insurance etc.) and just tons of lists of things and trying to remember acronyms. barely needed in hindsight, but who was to know? and will it be like that every year? so yes, tons of calcs to know, not as many as L2 though