L3 candidates get in here!

Guys - if you could go back and tell yourself how to study / what to do the month before your L2 exam, what would you say?

Practice. There’s no magic bullet.

thanks abush!

EOC did it for me. Did these two or three times. Don’t forget ethics.

Qbank from Schweser was not much use. Qbanks were either too easy or too difficult. Must do all EOCs related to item sets. If you see any unfamiliar topic in the item sets EOC, go and read the Readings again and understand it. Need to know how to do your calculations. A number of questions do not require calculation but without knowing the formula or the mathematically method, you cannot answer it anyway. Therefore, when preparing need to be skilled in calculations. Derivative is a killer. Skip it if cannot answer within the time budget during exam. There is not enough space to do your workings for calculation questions during the exam. There is no extra paper provided. You have to write your rough working on whatever white spaces on the question paper. When preparing for the exam, do NOT do your rough workings on large space of paper because there will be none during the exam. If using say a Practice Exam like Schweser, answer the items set on the Practice Exam book and scribble your workings on the book. This is to instill discipline that you can write small and also forces you to do mental calculations. L2 is a killer. If you are not scoring above 80% in your mocks, you may not pass because due to time pressure your marks are going to drop by minus 20 or 30 points. Good luck.

I posted this on another thread but thought I should paste is here… _________________________________________________________________ I’m a Level 3 candidate too. Derivative freaked me out at Level 2. I read it about 6 months before the exam and understood the concepts. I fell sick 8 weeks to the exam and was in the hospital for 3 weeks. Then I came back to refresh 5 weeks to the exam and I just couldn’t wrap my head around anything derivatives. The swaps questions nailed me. I had to rush to the bathroom during the morning session to slow down my heart beats and force myself to calm down for about 5 mins. I guessed all the remaining derivatives answers and sure enough I got less than 50% but passed the exam. I did the first sample exam a few weeks before the exam and got 54%! I almost freaked out then. The road was rough but consistency and discipline paid off. Now I’m having some nasty time with Level 3 but I look back at the stuff I passed through in Level 2 to keep the confidence up.

Around this time last year I went through each LOS to make sure I new the basics of it. Anything that I didn’t feel comfortable with I looked at again. Apart from that, it’s all down to questions questions questions.

Thanks for all this info guys. I have never had an issue with time before, the nerves will do more damage than the time constraint, I think. Derivatives is a doozie I am spending this week trying to memorize and understand options, swaps, forwards and futures - price em and value em. For L1 the practice tests were pretty close to the actual exam. If L2 is similar to the mock exam then I will feel better.