L3 Candidates in Seoul?

Hi there, I’m looking for L3 takers for 2009. Give me a shout. hope to meet up and set some study plans.

Hey Kyle, How long have you been working in Seoul? I’m a level 2 cadidate, been working here for about a month.

Hey Kyle. I’ll be taking L3 in June. But I still feel like it’s a little premature to start tackling that beast. However come winter time I’d love to get with some people for studying. Take care!

Hey el_magico7, Are you level 1 or 3?

I’m L3. But I got some materials and tips that I wouldn’t mind sharing with L1 students for Dec.

How long have you been working in Seoul? Do you work in the Yoido area?

Guys I’ve been working in Yoido for about 2 years now. Yeah it is a bit early, I’ll probably start around late november or early december. I don’t want to rush through all the stuff like I did with L2. It was just too risky. This time, I’m going to try to read (at least some of) the CFAI materials. So if any of you guys want to meet up set up some schedules, share infos etc., I’ll be glad.

Well I’ll be preparing for level 2, so no need to meet up to share materials. I work next to Yoido park so if you wanna meet up for a beer some though time let me know.

I say we organize something after new years and have meet ups every once in a while… Big Bla I may be able to hook you up with some stuff… shoot me an email marko_k7@Hotmail.com Thanks!

Great here’s mine… doumie1003@hotmail.com i have a few friends writing L3 next year, maybe they can come along too.

Awesome Kyle, Let’s check in around winter time and set something up. My email is above. It’d be cool if your buddies come along too!