L3 in 77 Days!!?? Doable or Not?!

So I was planning on starting in January then got pushed to February…and then March… I have started reading the material and have read through Schewser Book 1 to almost end of Book 3, but do not remember anything at all as it has been quick read through. Big Question is: Is this thing doable in 77 days left, if I study 3 hrs per day weekdays and 5-6 weekends for approximately 300 hrs total??? Or should I just start thinking of next year? Thanks for your input…

N. VanCandidate, If you ask me …its not over till the result comes out… 77 days is eternity … you can do quiet a lot in 77 days. Just take a break today, hit the Gym or … and come back, start progressing on the curriculum. Worst case , take a couple of weeks off before the exam, if you still feel under prepared by then… Don’t worry … you have enough time left. You can do it. Just believe that you can do it this and keep working at it. Cheers :slight_smile:

Of course it’s doable. The question is whether or not you can hack it. “Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda

You can do it.

Very do-able. Give it a go. Jump on board.

We’re in the same boat, NVC… it ain’t over till it’s over and the tough go singing with the fat lady. Etc. I only gave books 1&2 a quick read but I’m going to get SS1-3 reviewed this weekend and, I hope, SS4&5 by the end of next weekend. Doing questions, questions, questions… good luck to you, make a start, get some momentum!

Hello - I hope so. I only really started this week, so am in a similar position. I also had the problem of the material not going in on reading - all those words - so I registered for an online lecture course (Schweser), too. This is (so far) working well for me because it is another way of letting the material sink in. So far, am on SS 4 and 5, and feel relatively confident about my progress so far. Good luck to all us late starters!

If you are dilligent, you can do it. 3 hours a night x 5 days a week = 15 hours. 15 hours on the weekend. So, 30 hours a week. One week in March. 8 weeks in April - May. So, 9 weeks x 30 hours = 270 hours…so you can do it. Here is what I would do. 1. Study the schweser guides between now and the middle of May. Know them backwards and forewords. 2. Do the CFAI end of chapter questions after reading the SS in the schweser guides. I wouldn’t read the CFAI textbooks unless you felt your weren’t getting what you needed out of the schweser guides. I have read both and schweser does a very good job answering the SS. Yet, schweser is lacking on the CFAI questions. Schweser doesn’t give you enough and many times they are easy questions. While the CFAI end of chapter questions aren’t the same as the exam, there are (1) more questions than schweser and (2) tougher questions than schweser. 3. If there is a schweser class coming to your area sign up for it and try to have all the quides read beforehand to get the maximum value out of the class. 4. Make your own flash cards. Buy a bunch of bound 3x5 cards. Write the ss on the front, answer on the back. Take these on the train, to the gym, to the restroom…take them everywhere for when you have extra time to study. 5. Work out. Many people forget to spend an hour a day relieving stress. You need full access to the information in your brain on the day of the test. If you are stress ball, you won’t get this information. 6. Do the schweser tests the last two weeks in May. Do a quick one day review of each schweser guide. 7. Know the old AM questions from the CFAI website. Study the first question of each test. Compare and contrast the question so that you can come up with the rate of return quickly. This is the key to the AM section. They give you like an hour for the first question. If you can knock it out in 15 minutes, then you have extra time for the other questions. Good luck. You can do it. You just need a strategy and some diligence to complete the strategy.

Noonan…you can do it -Anthony D’Annunzio

How about taking the MTA train operator exam instead? It’ll be much easier for you. I’ve actually done 1.5 CFA books already. I’m not sure if I could do it with this amount of time left.


Same boat here guys. Planned on Jan, then Feb, and here we are end of March. Have read two Schweser books. Time to pick up the pace! I at least want to quickly read all of Schweser, so that I know what I am in for.

Which sections have a lot of calculations?

CFAdummy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Which sections have a lot of calculations? SWAPS, Risk Mgmt with Derivatives

bhill020 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Same boat here guys. Planned on Jan, then Feb, and > here we are end of March. Have read two Schweser > books. Time to pick up the pace! I at least want > to quickly read all of Schweser, so that I know > what I am in for. That is exactly what I am doing…getting to know what the material entails on the surface then going to study…I am currently on Book4 (quickly reading through, no real learning)hoping to finish book 4 & 5 by April 8th. then going to use the Schewser Video CDs (first time using them) till end of April and then May is test and practice question time. June will be Secret Sauce and CFAI Samples… Hopefully we can all do it… Thanks for the words of encouragement people

As the Greek philosopher, Protagoras, said, “Man is the measure of all things.”

If “Man is the measure of all things.” is “Pass the measure of preparation” ? :slight_smile:

GetSetGo Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > If “Man is the measure of all things.” is “Pass > the measure of preparation” ? :slight_smile: That’s “Pass is the measure of the CFA Institute.” If they don’t get what they want, preparation will take you only so far.

thats so true :slight_smile:

The great Mario Andretti once said: “If you have everything under control, you are not going fast enough”. Since I’m nowhere near to having anything related to this exam under control, I may as wellt take that as a positive.