L3 - Last weeks preparation - Wiley vs. IFT vs. ...

Hi all,

up to now I studied with Schweser Notes & Curriculum (mostly for summaries and EoC questions). I’m thinking of getting additional material for the final preparation. My favourites are:

Cost are about 300 USD for each.

Did anyone use one of the above and can give some insights? Any recommendations?

Or just use CFAI material or Schweser Q-Bank?



Use CFAI test bank. Schweser Q-bank at L3 was borderline worthless!

I am going with your first option. I found the summary videos very useful.

Thanks! Anyone experience with the Wiley material?

Unfortunately, everything I’ve experienced and have heard from others suggests Wiley is subpar for L3 across the board.

I’ve heard good things about IFT from some friends.

I’m using IFT. Go forth with confidence.

Go with IFT Wiley really doesn’t hold up to well in level 3.

IFT reads from the book. I can read from the book, don’t need to pay $s to have someone read for me.

Are you talking about Wiley notes or videos. Because I’m planning to purchase Wiley notes for level 3