L3 material questions & concerns!! need advice

I finally registered for L3 and got the material. I looked thru the books and damn…I could barely see any numbers… its all reading… how do you even study for that? like reading a damn law book. I passed L2 with stalla, and I should give credit to the stalla DVDs and Peter Olinto lectures… I was seriously thinking to get stalla dvds for level 3 too but now that I saw the material I have second thoughts… since dvd lectures are compact and good at explaining logic of accounting, valuation etc, I dont know if it will be as helpful for the L3 material. this proved me right as I benefited very little from the stalla DVDs for L2 ethics and port mng. however, stands the fact that I cant read more than 3 mins without losing my focus and staring at the page untill after 10 mins I realize that I am not reading anything. so stalla DVDs are 1200 bucks$$ and I started to think if it is really worth the money considering that I save $500 a month and that my employer doesnt seem to be very interested in reimbursing a buck. do you guys have any advices? has anybody purchased stalla dvds? are they any good? any thought? come on guys help me out

turkish man, I’ve used the same strategy as you. Relied on the video to understand the logic in accounting, equity analysis, etc. L3 does have me worried too. I suggest you follow what worked for you by starting with the videos to get the big picture and then follow up with the CR readings, only this time use the audio series as you read the text.

Turkish man… The level 3 stalla material isn’t NEARLY as good as level 2. I would say get it anyway if you can afford it just because it won’t hurt, but you can’t pass the test with just the stalla material like you could with level 1 & 2. Just do the req’d reading and make your own notes. Then do an inventory of your notes by going down each LOS, 1 by 1. Then do LOTS of essay practice tests… last year’s essays should be posted anytime now i think… going to go look.

Turkish man, To avoid information overload, I suggest one or the other, but not both sources. If you are going to use the Stalla notes, would you consider selling your CFAI material? I need a set of the CFAI readings…do you want to sell them? Email me if you do: ggoffunds @ yahoo.com Thanks.

I got a question…hard to believe how I got to L3 without knowing this, however I’ve changed strategies and trying something new. can I skip sections of the readings if its not in the L0S? i.e. in Behaviour Finance under Frame Dependence the CR has the following sub-sections 1) loss aversion 2) concurrent decisions 3) hedonic editing 4) cognitive and emotional aspects 5) self control 6) regret 7) money illusion yet the LOS only mention loss aversion, self control, regret minimization, and money illusion. Is it safe to say that I can skip concurrent decisions, hedonic editing, and cognitive and emotional aspects? Does anybody know if CFAI has ever asked questions on the exam that was not in a LOS?

Does anybody know if CFAI has ever asked questions on the exam that was not in a LOS? Yes. I believe a reference to this is in the FAQ section on CFAI’s site.

how do you even know if a subject is in LOS or not? isnt everything on CFAI books LOS? the last thing I need during my L3 study is redundant information!!.. I never used CFAI books, passed level 1 with schweser. Its just too long for me. so another idea might be to just read the concise schweser books and save lots of time. and ggoffunds… i didnt buy CFAI books it comes with registration, dont make the mistake of buying the books seperately coz you pay for them anyway. and good point you got there… does anyone have stalla dvds for level 3? I can buy them, passers or retakers who dont need it… I may post a new thread for this.

I’m at a LOS…