L3 Prep Classes in NYC

I’ve begun to see what classes are offered for L3 prep in NYC and the pickings look slim. I guess there are not as many candidates which leads to a much smaller market and less offerings. The classes I have found look to start at 530/545 - personally I think this is way to early. Most people that are working decent jobs in the city are going to find it hard to cut out of work 1x a week for 3 months at 5 pm. I’m contemplating skipping the live review class and just using the books or maybe some online videos…

Are you referring to the NYSSA L3 weekly review course? I took this course last year and highly recommend it. Nathan Ronen did a great job of clearly explaining the material and it was a big time saver for me and was beneficial in passing level 3. I couldn’t agree with you more about the timing of the course. I always struggled to make it on time and missed two or three classes because I couldn’t get out of work in time. I asked NYSSA why they didn’t offer the course on Saturday, offer the course at a later time, or offer a condensed Saturday schedule (similar to what they have at Levels 1 and 2) and NYSSA said they just didn’t have the demand for L3.

DirtyZ Wrote: > I’m contemplating skipping the live review class > and just using the books or maybe some online > videos… You can combine the two - take live online classes. I used Stalla materials to study while taking the Schweser L3 16-week seminar. The classes are archived so if you miss some, you can easily “sit” for them at a later date.

I took Stalla’s live in NYC with Peter Olinto, but I don’t want to travel into the city to do it again – especially since Olinto isn’t teaching it. Stalla tells me that they’re flying Hetherington in for six Saturday classes in NYC, which might be worth it for some, but I’d rather study in the comfort of my own home.

Gideon - I think Stalla only has an 8 week review course, correct? The one that looks the most promising at this point is the NYSSA full length review…although the timing might make it unfeasible.

I’m signed up for Sharp. It’s gone well for the first two so we’ll see how it goes for LIII…

DirtyZ – Stalla has two different NYC classes – both meet six times. I live in CT, hate the commute to Hotel Penn, and use Saturday as my big study day – so Schweser Online it is.

I’m now down to thinking of Stalla vs. Schwesser. I’ve been a Stalla user and happy for L1 and L2, but am now thinking of Schwesser for L3 b/c the books are more condensed and I will do first revision with the CFAI texts. However, I know I won’t be able to make every Schwesser class at NYSSA. Is the Online/Archived version a video? Stalla videos were reasonably good, at least a good substitute for any classes missed. I don’t know about the Schwesser versions. Can anyone help with details?

I decided to go with the Schweser package that includes the videos. It’s better for me because I can watch them whenever I want. I like the forced structure of a live class system, but really I don’t gain much in terms of knowledge retention so it’s not very neccessary.