L3 Retakers - This one's to you

Did any of you guys (L3 retakers) took the mock exam? Just wondering (since we have only essay part) how does it compare to actual exam you took last year? Any thoughs?

mock to me is very easy, I scored much betterin mock compared to the sample exams. I would think sample 1&3 reflects the actual exam type question much beeter. also I do feel that this year PM session will be harder compared to morning session…

why do you thikn PM is going to be harder ?

…well, if MOCK was really easy, then we’re screwed…

MOCK was extremly easy. I expect atleast 2x harder PM questions with Mod Dietz with Tax adjustment and 3 country multi-variance beta calculations.

i felt they were trying to confuse you in the mock more than anything…giving computations that are not even in the source material…the wording and presentation were also done with a similar intent…the gips one for instance had a - sign placed against the cash flow happening in the month…i hope the actual test is better presented!