L3 Study Progress

Just checking in here. What’s everyone’s study progress looking like thus far for December L3? Personally, I’m way behind where I was as far as total hours goes compared to L1 & L2. Surprisingly, I still feel relatively prepared, although the next few weeks will be very telling. I found myself way ahead of schedule leading up to Spring L3 prior to postponement, and could never get back into a good rythm this go around. Had about 140 hours in earlier this year prior to postponement, but only managed another 100 or so in the last few months leading up to December’s test. Anyone else in the same boat? What’s your plan to get the most bang for your buck over the next few weeks?

Have you tried a mock? Do one and then reassess how ready you feel you are for L3.

how many mocks have you tried?

sorry to hear that… mine was among the first got cancelled and now that i think about it, not bad to know in advance

Haha yeah, very true! Thanks though. Time to have a 2hr bath and ponder next steps :thinking:

Anyone has the mocks Posted on March 2020? They are dissappeared on the website. I only find the one uploaded recently. I would be very happy if you could email me. Thanks!

I too am in the same boat as you. I have a few topics left will try and complete as much as possible until the 24th along with the practice and then attempt the mocks from the 21st. Hoping that I will be done by then. Would like to know your strategy as well.

Ethics will be done 3 days prior to the exam