L3 Videos

Just having a look around for info on L3 videos. I used Elan last year and was extremely pleased with their content (and I’m not usually someone who learns through videos).

I heard that L2 videos by Schwser were kinda crap compared to Elan so I’m assuming they are of the same standard for L3. I’ve been looking into the Irfanullah videos (god is great) as an alternative.

One thing I notice was that there are some free videos available on that site on BF so for those like me struggling to read the material, this might be a good source of help.


The interesting that I found though was that Elan appear to be launching into L3 videos this year.


I’ve sent them an email asking for an instructor list and timelines on video releases. I’ll update when I hear back.

nice!!! You gonna buy the arif vids?..please let me know what you think…?

I’m considering buying them…

Realistically I’m not going to start watching videos until 2nd pass, so Feb/March timeframe. I’m going to wait and see what Elan can deliver and see from there. If Elan don’t have their shit together then I might look at buying the Arif vids.

I need to sit down and actually go through some of the demo vids of each provider and wait to hear some feedback from others until I pull the trigger on this purchase though.

I found the vids invaluable for L2. I think they will be even handier for L3 since the material is so qualitative so I’ll definitely be buying vids from somewhere.

Seems like Elan’s going to release around Jan. They had a sticky on their website claiming they’ll start posting L3 stuff around Sept… then it got changed to mid-Oct then to mid-Nov, and now Jan 2014. That seems like a little bit too late, but I may still bite on the videos because of Peter Olinto. However, if they plan on releasing a lot of their videos in the Jan-Mar timeframe, like they did with a lot of their L2 material last year, I think I’ll pass.

I love that despite offering quality products, their website continues to be a complete mind-f*ck. I swear, it’s like navigating through a labyrinth obstacle course.

Anybody figure out how to change one’s Elan login profile to a L3 candidate yet?

I used elan last year and I did enjoy them like you did, however I definitely was not pleased with the delay on releasing certain items. I ended up picking to do a schweser live class for level 3 which comes with online videos and they are already available so that is reassuring.

Email communication back from Elan:

CleverCFA: Hi, Just noticed you will be providing videos for L3. Was wondering if you could provide any additional information such as instructor list and timeline of subjects.

Elan: Well we know for sure that Mr. Basit Shajani will be doing most of the videos (but he has promised he’ll amp it up a fair bit compared to Level II). We will probably have one more instructor, but I do not have any more details to offer at the moment. I’ll keep you in the loop once I know more.

They havent even picked a 2nd instructor yet? So theyre going to need someone to still go through all the curriculum and make the videos still…no way they have them done by january haha. Clever, join me on the dark side and go with schweser.

i watched Schweser videos a couple years back and it was alright. it’s not the best, and some instructors are better than others.

But i only use it for general concepts and i didn’t rely on it to know everything so it’s okay for me.

I’m watching the Schweser videos now. Last year I relied on the Elan videos and loved them. Maybe its just Level III, but there really isn’t a lot of content on the videos compared to what Elan put out for Level II last year. I might buy Elan videos too as they are providing a 50% discount if you bought another program.

I have had a chance to study Level 2 and Level 3 from Arif’s videos and in my opinion they are great. he mostly follows the curriculum emphasizing on the blue (now gray) boxes and the questions at the end of every reading. another thing is he goes by the LOS which ensures nothing is missed out. I would highly recommend Arif’s videos with respect to Schweser.

P.S. I havent had a chance to study from Elan videos. But I have had 11th Hour for Level 1 and no doubt it was great. I hope Elan releases 11th hour for Level 3 in time.

I’ve only used Schweser videos on level 1 and level 2 and passed both on first try. I thought the videos were ok for level 1, but definitely lacking in level 2. What’s everyone’s opinion on level 3 vids? I would say I retain much more from watching videos than reading supplemented w/ lots of practice Qs, so i would appreciate any feedback from those who have similar learning style.

I keep emailing Elan and they wont answer me. I need videos since I’m about to start my second pass and I could not posibly read this boring material one more time. So finally, whats the consensus on videos?

Used Schweser for about the last 2/3 of the L3 curriculum. They were pretty good - some better than others (Lefebvre was particularly good). Hardly used the curriculum. I passed ugly, but I passed.

Schweser Level 3 Videos = David Hetherington + Marc Lefebvre = DEEP IN THE MONEY

They Cover almost ( with the exception of two I think) all of the 35 Topic Review.

I’ve known David Hetherington for several years; he’s an excellent teacher.

I met Marc Lefebvre last year, but haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him in action in the classroom. But everything I’ve heard from candidates is positive: enthusiastically so.

One of my research partners is a colleague of Mark’s at Creighton (he’s on the faculty there). His 3-day review fo L3 that they run at Creighton is almost universally given the highest marks by attendees. And his portions of the L3 videos were among the best of the bunch.

I don’t learn well in lecture settings unless I’ve read the material beforehand so I usually pass on all these videos. Theres a great benefit in the fixed amount of time they run, but its not effective for me, personally.

However I did use a few schweser videos for L3, mainly low weight chapters like some derivs, GIPs, stuff I didn’t depend on passing . I did however find them useful for recapping what I already knew. Due to the time constraints they will omit certain topics or concepts and that’s the risk you assume when you study full time on these. Having read the curriculum, I could point out some of the omissions during the course of the videoes.

In my opinion they’re best used as supplements but as many are pressed for time, they can speed up your learning too. I would not place all your hopes in one basket. It provides a very basic understanding of each concept and an example but you’ll need to practice CFAI EOCs to really test your understanding. I am not sure you’ll be able to do well on the EOCs just on these videos alone.

I generally prefer learning by reading than by listening but the schweser videos are alright. I tend to use them as a last resort for qualitative material when I’ve read a study session and get to the EOCs and score badly or if I clearly didn’t take in enough from reading.

I like how you can now get the schweser videos on the ipad, you just log into the website, click on the video you want to watch and it directs you to download the app which plays the videos. very handy

Just finished the Capital Market Expectations video, David Hetherington is pretty good. much better than Jon Bone

Ermmm does it work in ipad? I cant get it work on my ipad mini