LA diarrhea attack

"A night near the Hollywood Walk of Fame would change a woman’s life, as she was getting into her car and a homeless man sprinted across Hollywood Boulevard toward her.

Heidi Van Tassel was parked in Hollywood after having a pleasant evening out with friends at an authentic Thai restaurant. Suddenly a man randomly pulled her out of the car, dragged her out to the middle of the street, and dumped a bucket of feces on her head, Van Tassel said and public records confirm."

This is just aggressive.

Was it entirely necessary for the article to point out that this woman had visited an authentic Thai restaurant? Only in LA does that detail matter.

Need more concealed handguns.

Also, the homeless should just break into the homes of liberal politicians and live there. I’m sure they’ll be okay with having undocumented guest in their home.

I am ok with that, so long as republican politicians are willing to invite mass-shooters into their homes. That’s just mental illness too, right?

We really need to gather up all the homeless people and send them to another concentrated place where they can get the proper help. I think before they had the sewers. It was the dumbest move to evict them out of there. Now they are spread out and in plain sight. With that said irrespective of their presence the average home is like 700k now where I live. But I run a lot outside about 3 miles per day and I sometimes don’t feel safe.

“P-L-A-C-E, I said send them to a concentration PLACE.”

When you run in the city, it’s hard to avoid going through some “diverse” neighborhoods sometimes. However, usually I am reassured that someone chasing me probably can’t keep up over a long distance, as crazy people generally don’t exercise regularly. So in the worst case, you can probably still escape.

But bucket diarrhea can temporarily exceed even an Olympic athlete’s rate of speed if hurled by a sufficiently-motivated homeless person. Especially if their strength has been recently bolstered by a hot meal of authentic Thai food.

LOL I missed that

Actually, it’s “concentratED PLACE.” Totally not what you’re thinking.

steven miller joins the chat

it was concentrated, maybe like a hospital, or the projects, or hooverville! but concentration place could also imply a place for them to reflect on their poor decisions!

To be fair, crowds of diarrheal people often speaks towards the authenticity of some ethnic foods.

You got to start running faster and mixing in some agility ladder type stuff into your runs!

Low key I’m not really afraid. I’m just really grossed out.

Either you’re a much stronger runner than I give you credit for, or the crazy people you and I encounter are vastly different.

This isn’t your sister’s neighbor across the street that occasionally yells across the yard at her hallucinations. A person that will choose a random victim to throw a bucket of steaming diarrhea over their head has numerous mental illnesses that only get medicated two or three times a year when they run afoul of the police and get involuntarily committed for two weeks at a time. These people don’t overeat - they satisfy their cravings with meth or cocaine that they either sucked a dick for or bought with their earning from stealing. Half of their movement in life is running from either someone they pissed off or the police.

In other words, this isn’t someone a casual runner is going to outrun. Especially if they’re on a meth binge, which is when they’re most aggressive. You’re going to have to pull a sub-six minute mile out of your wazoo to get away from this wacko, and that’s assuming you pay attention to your surroundings rather than run listening to music so loud you can’t hear people around you. How’s your acceleration from a casual run? Because the real crazies would give Usain Bolt a run for his money for the first 15-20 yards.

Actually agree, there’s a good chance a rested person would catch you over a short burst if you’ve been running far/fast, how you would do over longer distances is somewhat irrelevant unless you’re discussing how long it will take you to get back to a shower. Although I did have to put the burners on a few times back when I was running major distances late at night, but I’m not convinced any of those people were really trying to catch me.