LA Fire Evacuation

To LA AF members, please be safe and obey all evacuation messages. At least Nery has a sweet Mercedes in which his family and gf can flee in terror and comfort.

they told my momma to not go to work since she works in the valley. all is well in century city thoguh! i look outside. and see no fires. then again i am facing the south. Its kind of cold too. i was actually at six flags this past weekend. supposedly there was a fire in valencia. but seems ok to me!

anyways it seems that its the brentwood area in the hills near the getty center. I am safe fam! but supposedly the smoke is reaching the airport. where my bro works.

Why is it that California airports seem to hire only Filipino people to do check in and TSA? They are very pleasant and a service oriented people, unlike TSA in NY and East Coast, where they clearly hate your guts. Last time I went to SFO and rented a car at 1AM, there were like 3 Filipino old ladies there chit chatting and running the Hertz. They even wanted to talk to me despite it being late in the night.

The last time we had a fire near our home it took us only 10 minutes to pack up the critters (with travel crates and food), papers, and computers. We spent 3 days with friends not knowing whether or not we had a home to which to return. It turned out that only one house in our neighborhood was damaged, and that was minor. But hundreds of homes up the hill from us were destroyed.

There aren’t any fires close to us now, but we’re still ready to bug out if necessary.

we’re also excellent nurses. as a whole filipinos are the 2nd richest asians in the us. this is because only truly high class filipinos are allowed to enter. sames goes to india. its quite interesting all things considered. just cuz idniand and filipinos are known to have lower gdp per capita than most other asians.

this man is good.

pinos also make the best “casting videos”. i heard that from a friend.

They really need to restrict California investing under ESG guidelines.