Lack of Posts

I’m just curious as to the lack of interest in this message board. Is it because the designation is new? Or maybe that the March exams are already in progress? There are no topics on here about the content or any experiences really. For those of you who have started or completed either CAIA Level 1 or 2, do you have any insights into this?

this forum is new and not many people take the CAIA, let alone even know about it more cowbell

The only people I know who know the CAIA are aware of it as I’ve been telling them what I was doing studying after work…

Point taken.

but it is interesting and why do something just because everyone else is right?

I think the designation is a really good representation of its content. Your basically saying that you’d invest education long in AI over say, FRM/PRM (risk)…there are many options to take and this is just one…I think AI is sexy but I doubt it will add value like a CFA, PRM, FRM, Actuary designation can…at least, at this point in the game.

I’ve also signed up for FRM. I’m a geek, what can I say?

jcrick Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’ve also signed up for FRM. I’m a geek, what can > I say? Yea I just figured out my long term plans here to. I am signed up for the November exam, writing CAIA in March & September of 2010…same boat buddy, same boat.

just hope it aint a sinking ship…