Are there many former lacrosse players on this forum? Did it help your career?

Don’t let the sport fool you. It’s the ancient good ol boys cult of white anglo saxen christian males. They simply want to avoid attention from the ACLU.

oh yes lacrosse. The sport where spoiled rich kids flock to once they realize they dont have an ounce of athleticism in their bodies.

I won’t argue with it being mostly white, but anyone who thinks lacrosse doesn’t require any athleticism obviously hasn’t tried playing it. Near-constant running, required proficiency both left and right-handed, and a small amount of padding (little of which actually stops the ball when you get hit by it…I had a mark for 3 weeks once).

I wonder how much more popular this and hockey would be if it were much more accessible (read: equipment not as expensive). I have seen several public school lacrosse programs in various areas, but getting ice time for hockey can be much more prohibitive.

I played lacrosse in High school and college. Did nothing for my career as I chose to work overseas. I know tons of ex steak head lax players making big bucks on wall street.

Definitely requires athleticism, but fortunately, not as much as D1 basketball program would require thanks to relatively small pool of athletes.

Hey JonnyDee - Played box growing up and field in university. Can’t say it really helped my career, at least no more than any other extracurricular activity would. I went out to a practice last summer and realized that I’m far too old/out of shape now, but it was fun while it lasted.

Re only spoiled, rich, white kids playing, not really the case in Canada.

I find Polo at the Greenwich polo club in CT more enjoyable though I did play a bit if Lax. In polo the ponies do all the work though I do have to go through the excertion of changing ponies each chukker. It’s also better than golf since I don;t even have to replace my divot’s…the spectators do it at half time.

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