a lot of the lines look Pagani-esque

LaFerrari … reminds me of LaShaunda or LaKiesha

Probably just an American association as the Europeans hardly have names like that

Yeah - Pagani Huayra like shape and mirrors, Enzo front and F430 back.

I like it - looks fast.

2012-2013 has really been a notable period for sports cars. Car companies have been holding off new models until the economy improved. Now, they are all releasing new cars at once. In addition to this pretentiously named Ferrari, McLaren has just finalized their MP4 successor, the P1, and Lamborghini released the Aventador last year to replace the Murcielago. Also, don’t forget the upcoming Porsche 918, which follows all new versions of lesser Porsches: the 2012 911, and 2013 Boxster and Cayman. A new BMW M3 will be revealed at the Geneva auto show, following a series of new Mercedes AMG models. Alfa Romeo is coming back to the US with a single model: a $60k sports car, the 4C. Even “pedestrian” car brands are introducing new sports cars or refreshing their existing models. There is still a waiting list in the US for the BRZ/FRS and Ford Focus ST. A new Mazda Miata will be released this year for the 2014 model year.

Interesting note about this ridiculously named “LaFerrari” - it is a hybrid car. There is a 160 hp electric motor augmenting the V12 gas engine. Electric motors are great for acceleration, since they can give peak power regardless of engine rev speed. Without the electric motor giving instant power from stand still, this Ferrari would not be able to do 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. This is a step in the right direction, and will help sway the opinions of car traditionalists who are addicted to cylinder count.

Another thing I noticed from a video I saw - this Ferrari has an adjustable foot pedal deck that goes back and forth. It’s great because it’s completely superfluous - normally, you would just adjust the seat position so your feet touch the pedals. I wonder if this feature will eventually trickle down to other cars.

The pedal thing isn’t superflous. I believe it’s built with limited seat movement (racing seats). And the pedals pull away when it’s shut off so you can get in and out as I think your knees may not enable you to otherwise. I could be wrong though. I don’t think the use of the electric motor will necessarily sway the traditionalists like me. I mean, it’s neat, but I wouldn’t want it in my car. I like the simplicity of traditional muscle.

Ohai, you know your shit about cars, as a fellow car nut all I can say is…Respect.

Sick car.

To be fair, the KERS system isn’t really comparable to most electric motors or hybrid applications out there - it’s operation and intended purpose is pretty different. It’s used like a shot of nitrous to spool up a turbo, or equivalent to the smaller turbo in twin turbo applications…and it’s self contained and independent, it’s not like Ferrari would have its owners do something so crass as to charge their cars, lol. How uncouth.

…that said, I wish my equity curve looked like that powerband, if only they had KERS (or DRS) for finance.

Its not superflous, it is because the seats are built into the frame (I forget the term they use for this), they aren’t separate so can’t be adjusted.

Also Mclaren P1 is not an MP4 replacement, its another model they are introducing with a limited production run (299 or 399) that will compete with this new LaFerrari crap.

Having seen both in pictures, I am highly unimpressed by this new $1.3M Ferrari. If I had a choice, I’d take the P1 over this outdated looking Ferrari (technologically impressive though) any day

Porsche 918 looks interesting but for $1M its still a Porsche. The Carerra GT (its predecessor) was only like $300K.

I don’t understand why the US stopped producing these hyper cars. The closest thing we have to these beasts is the Dodge Viper. Some might argue the Venom GT as American but that thing is nothing but a souped up Lotus. Last hypercar we made was the Saleen S7, a beautfiul beast

I think it’s ugly. The Ferrari designs from the mid-00s onwards have been eh. Personally, I prefer the sleek look of Porsche or Aston Martin.

Bugatti just came out with a competitor to the LaFerrari

sick. $2.5 million dollars but sick

Never been a fan of the Bugatti’s, too tech heavy and bulky for me. I can see the appeal, just not my preference.

Looks like a toy car