Laptop question

I quit my job back on Nov 22nd - I just realized it’s been a month - and no one has contacted me yet about the laptop.

They said someone would be in touch with me about getting it back.

It’s got a decent processor in it (i7) and I wouldn’t mind keeping it. Figure that some of my computer nerd friends can jailbreak it and replace hard drives and what not.

But how long should I wait before I do this? Like at least six months? A year?

If you are a CFA Charterholder, you should return it immediately, with apologies to your old firm’s IT department for “forgetting” to return it.

Haha, real Boy Scout huh?

When the costs of being a Boy Scout are less than the costs of not being a Boy Scout, then I am a Boy Scout.

unless the company went under its pretty dumb not to return it

You are a fan of asymmetric outcomes, huh? Unfortunately not all are asymmetric in the positive direction…

Well of course I’d give it back, but if them sending me the prepaid fedex that they said they’d send my way takes 5 years, then that’s a them problem - is how I’m looking at it.

At least e-mail them a reminder on each anniversary.


Okay fair enough. I’ll reach out to them when I start my new new.

Gonna flip a new leaf here.

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I agree 100% with the sentiments of Destroyer_of_Words. However, you could also offer to buy the laptop from them. However, in so doing, you should also offer to delete all proprietary files that are now on the computer if they will sell it to you for a ‘market price.’ You need to know what that price is, of course, before you make the offer. And, you should make a list of the files that you deleted and share that list with your former employer, once you’re done deleting them.

Otherwise, you should return the laptop to them ASAP. . .and get a receipt when you do.

We can be certain of one thing: your former employer has no process in place for ensuring that the separation of a former employee from that company is fair and equitable to all concerned. However, that fact does not entitle you to keep the computer without their knowledge and written approval.

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