Larry King

So this guy is going through a divorce, the 8th time. Reported to be worth $144m, he did not have a prenup, after 7 failed marriages. I wonder who his lawyers/financial advisors are.

Like Scarface says “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman” You can’t get much uglier or older than Larry King, but he always seems to be dating bombshells. If he didn’t have a prenup for his 8th marriage, that is just plain embarrassing. He has half a brain. He doesn’t need lawyers or advisors to tell him to get a prenup. It’s completely his fault not his advisors’.

Reggie, that is your second Scarface reference in a matter of days. I like your style. Is Larry dead yet? Honestly, go away. Is his show even that popular anymore. I don’t watch much TV

It’s pretty impressive that he’s still worth that much after 7 divorces.

I heard Larry King is sitting with Shia Labouf for the LIII exam this year - is that true? Somebody said tag-teamed Megan Fox in a GMC Sierra with 22’s on it during their L2 break, which was only possible because they were both done with the AM and the PM section by 1015.

Haha thanks DC, I have no clue why I’ve mentioned him twice, I saw the movie once and it was probably 5 years ago.