Laser Tag

Guys, I have this business opportunity that looks promising. It is called laser tag. Has anyone heard of this? Apparently you play and in this game we have shock tag where you get a zap when you get hit. It is not for people with pacemakers. Or children less than 2 years old. But for 3 - 17 we have a great game with low voltage and for office retreats we have high voltage head shots, which is a big hit with hated bosses. I’m looking for 2-3 more investors for this building and facility that will run about $200 million. We only need $100 million apiece from two more investors and we should be all set. The reason it is so expensive, is we are creating a foam pit skyscraper environment, where you can jump off four floors and possibly might not get hurt.



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What do you know about the crab walk ?

Me in PUBG all day lol