From one of the Qbank questions for SS4 Private Weatlth: “Having been trained as a nurse where the methodical study of the human anatomy is required, she would not be afraid to do her own research work on her investments and would even question recommendations and conclusions made by her investment advisors. She is also less risk averse because she understands the results of her decisions, PARTICULARLY WHEN SHE IS INVOLVED IN TREATING HOSPITAL PATIENTS AND CUSTOMERS USING A LASER” that answer brought a much needed smile to my face :slight_smile: Incidentally, my Mum is a nurse and trust me…she doesn’t read any reserach or make any “investment conclusions” , she asked me what a bond was the other day!!

I hate when they infer all this cr*p from what the person does for a living. What if they’re the fry person at McDonald’s, does that mean they’re risk-averse? because he could slip in the hot grease and do a number on himself… of course then he’d get a big settlement & be loaded afterwards.