lasik eye surgery

So i went for a consultation. and i am good to go. and i decided to get lasik. i unknowingly booked it for this coming friday the 13th. a co worker brought it to my attention. and i criticized her for being superstitious. anyways. who here is superstitious?

And who here has gotten lasik? i read this post lasik info.

how seriously do i have to follow this? it essentially tells me i cant work out, or read for a week. wtf am i suppose to do then? I mean my work requires me to read a lot and shit so do i need to take a week off for this crap?

I had lasik years ago when I was 18. It was awesome. Took about 10 minutes and then I had perfect vision (actually better than 20/20, so better than perfect?). I went out to the bars that night and this was before there was a ban on smoking in bars. My eyes got red and itchy but the drops they gave me cleared that right up. Keep your eyes lubed up and you’ll be fine.

And you probably don’t want to do anything that would put a lot of stress on your eyes like puking or some extremely heavy weight lifting. I could see a scenario where they’d just pop out. Other than that, you’re golden.

I have a few coworkers who have had the procedure done and I believe they only took off a day or two.

I did mine about 4 years ago. I darkened my room to a practical complete dark setting since the light would hurt my eyes.

I think these kind of guidelines are meant to be conservative, so you won’t say, hey I followed everything; why did my eyes still fall out. Apparently, when they laser your eyes, there is a burning smell. That’s all I know about the procedure, really. I don’t think I could have done the old kind, where the guy uses a knife.

Yep, that’s by far the worst part of it. And it’s not really that bad. Just…unsettling. But, if you ask, they’ll give you a ton a Xanax beforehand so you don’t really care.

I thought about it but I enjoy having the ability to take off my glasses/contacts and enjoy life of not seeing people’s disgusting faces/habits/poor table manners/etc.

Good luck with the operation from the people I know who opted for the procedure have had nothing but positives to say.

I had Lasik about ten years ago. Best $5000 I ever spent in my life.

edit - and that surgery is probably the most uncomfortable surgery you will ever have in your life. Either that or the vasectomy. They both sucked. (It doesn’t hurt, and there’s practically no recovery, but I have never been more uncomfortable. Ever.)

To OP:

Sorry I didn’t read the title of the thread, I did PRK (Lasek) which takes about a week to recover.

^PRK and Lasik are slightly different.

With Lasik, they cut open your eye, flip back the “flap”, laser off some tissue, then flip the flap back onto your eye.

With PRK, there is no flap. They perform the procedure directly on the surface of the eyeball.

I don’t think I could voluntarily submit to either. I imagine I’d fold pretty quickly under any form of torture, but put something sharp near my eyes or my man parts and I’d give my mother to ISIS if it would make you stop.

OP, what is the game plan if after surgery you realize the dimes you were hitting on were actually 5s and 6s?


The first human being that agreed to be part of a test run for Lasik deserves a Congressional Gold medal.

Could be worse. A coworker has an overbite and he agreed to have corrective jaw surgery. He will be eating through a straw for 6 weeks.

yes. Also their recovery rates are different.Two somewhat entirely different surgeries with same outcomes .

mah *****. no ragrets.

but in all seriousness. with contacts i can see everything. drunk af is another story.

haha yea it took me awhile cuz i wanted to get my charter before doing so. but yea now im ready, all paid for with an hsa acct.

I had it. Totally worth it. I have astigmatism so they weren’t able to get it perfect in one of my eyes, but still worth it.

I had lasik done years ago. For anxiety it’s not bad at all; it’s very routine for these doctors. You better follow their recovery guidelines though. Chill out for a week. The thing that sucks is that your eyes may continue to change and you’ll need to wear contacts again like me. I think I paid about $2,500 for both eyes and had 20/20ish vision for about five or six years.